Thursday, March 20, 2014

Living South of Tijuana. Single man wonders where the women are

Tom, one of our Champs, emailed this week: "Love your blog and note. Soooo..I'm a 66 year-old male in Baja CA., have a beautiful beach house right on the water 35 miles south of San Ysidro (a border town). Yes in Mexico. I'm semi retired, have a good life and friends but where are the ladies who could move across the border and live like kings and queens for less than 1/3 of the cost of living in San Diego? And be safer. REALLY!

"Maximize one's retirement $$ and have a great affordable beach lifestyle. I've been here for two years, told I'm attractive yet don't meet the right ladies, HELP!"

Usually, having difficulty meeting potential mates later in life is a topic raised by women. But today it's raised by a man. Among all of the reasons why finding love after age 60 is difficult, one of the most overlooked reasons is where a person chooses to live.

When Tom decided to retire to his "beautiful beach house," assuming he was single at the time, he likely didn't think about the lack of women he would meet there.

While he says it's safer there than living in San Diego, the perception among most people in Southern California is that getting there, which would be by car, is not safe because you have to drive through Tijuana. Most of my friends won't chance it. There have been lots of reports of horror stories that have happened down there.

My guess is that most single women who decide to leave the expensive living in California would go to Arizona, Florida or another stateside Mecca for retirees. Also, there are other areas in Mexico, and other countries, considered much safer, where lots of American ex-pats go to live.

Singles who live in remote areas of the country, or in small towns, or on oil rigs, are kind of in the same boat. There just aren't many potential mates in those areas, and being attractive or not has nothing to do with it. 

Perhaps Tom will get a few nibbles from single women from today's newsletter who might be willing to check out the area if he is willing to host them for a visit. And since he's been told he is attractive, that might just be enough of an incentive for women to give it a whirl.

They could fly to the Tijuana Airport where he would pick them up. But then, they would have to drive through Tijuana to get to his place. Not many women are going to be willing to have a blind date, stay overnight, plus have to pass through the streets of Tijuana for the possibility of finding love.

Tom didn't say if he's fluent in Spanish. If not, he is in the perfect location to learn the language, and then he could go online and search for Hispanic women who might live in his own backyard and might relish meeting an Americano.

I picture Tom sitting on his deck, looking out at the magnificent Pacific Ocean, enjoying  a sunset with margarita in hand, but doing so alone. Not much fun.

If any offers come in, I will pass them on to Tom. Where one lives can be a huge factor in one's chances of meeting a potential mate or not.

 Part 2  - Changes in my life as well

Lately, we have featured stories about Champs making changes in their lives. Last week, we wrote about MJ moving across country to live rent-free for awhile. In December, we wrote about Jackie and Linda, Ohio women, who are living in their RV in Santa Barbara. Champs are on the move.

Greta and I are no exception; our lives are changing as well. Today's newsletter is being emailed from Sonoma County, California, where we will be for a couple of weeks. Since my mom passed away nearly five years ago, her home has been a vacation rental. 

However, starting April 1, a couple from Maui is renting the home for three years. They are bringing their own furniture so Greta and I are cleaning out Mom's house and driving the furniture and "stuff" in a Uhaul to my home in Dana Point in Orange County, to where we are moving, from San Clemente. While there is a lot of work involved, we are excited about the changes.

Yesterday morning, I looked at the pots, pans, plates and other items in the kitchen and said, oh my gosh, all of that "stuff" has to be transported to Southern California. I'd better get to work. 

I will attempt to keep the newsletters flowing but there may be a week missed here and there.

I will keep you posted. 


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