Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let's find a mate for Las Vegas man‏

Let's find a mate for a Las Vegas man

I know we've got a few Champs who live in and around Las Vegas. We've already had two Reno-area Champs meet and get married. Let's see if we can find Champ Al a mate. Here's a little about him:

"My name is Al. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am 71 and have been single since 2007, after a 26-year marriage fell apart.

"If someone 15 years ago would have told me that at this age I would be single and divorced, I would have bet all I had against that, you never know what is around the corner and what life sends. So many surprises--some good, some not. I loved being married, BUT after this single stretch, I kind of like my alone time. I just miss sharing everyday things with a partner on a regular basis.

"I miss the hugs also (we need four to six hugs a day just for maintenance). I don't know if I could trust again or jump into another marriage.

"I believe that five things are a MUST for a relationship to work.

1   Mutual admiration

2   Mutual trust

3   Common goals

4   Leadership

5   Sharing

"We all have strengths and weaknesses; there is a reason opposites attract. But where the problems start, I think, is when we are both strong in the same areas, and butt heads. If we are aware of each other's strengths, problems might be avoided.

"This falls in the area under leadership. Who is to navigate and who is to steer? Sometimes she does and sometimes he does. A give-and-take so to speak, to help make it work.

I asked Al: "Why did your marriage fall apart?

Al said, "I am just going to say that when the mutual trust is a question, many problems arise. I thought about working through that, to forgive and go on with life together. I found love letters on the computer so there was no doubt that it really happened. I just could not live that way looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.

"I was faithful and find it hard to understand how you can love
someone and do that? (I guess "that" in Al's case was cheating.)

"So I moved on and forgave. If you do not forgive, it will eat you alive.

"I would consider corresponding with another Champ here in Las Vegas."

What happened to Al has happened to other Champs as well. Finding out about infidelity is a pretty ugly discovery. I'm sure he will learn to trust again when a nice person comes along. If you want to email him, email me and I will forward your email to him.

As a coincidence, I heard from a woman Champ in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas, on the same day. But, she is not available for Al. Here's what Lillian said, "My husband Bob and I will be married for four years in June. We met through Your article brought to mind the things that are truly important in a good relationship.

"My 'biggie' is to really look at the baggage that I still have and be willing to drop it! What remains is kindness and thoughtfulness for my partner."

Perhaps today's article will bring an introduction to a nice woman for Al. He sounds like a good guy who has a few trust issues based on his recent experience. Let's see what we hear.
Have an enjoyable week-end.


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