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On Life and Love after 50 newsletter Champs speak out

On life and love after 50 newsletter
Tom P. Blake - October 30, 2015
Carmen, Barra de Navidad, Mexico

One of our Champs is Carm, who I’ve known for merely 60 years. He and I were classmates at Jackson High School, Jackson, Michigan.

Carm lives a good share of the year in Barra de Navidad, Mexico, which is a couple of hours south of Puerto Vallarata, right on the Pacific Coast. Last week, we exchanged emails on Friday. Carm wrote, “The storm (hurricane Patricia) seems to have mellowed some, but it’s supposed to hit 50 miles north of here at 5 p.m. this afternoon. Gees.”

I responded, “Stay buttoned down, it’s going to get windy.”

On Monday, after the storm, Carm’s email subject line sounded like a divorce settlement: “Lost my garden to Patricia, but the house is OK.”

Then he wrote, “Lots of damage in Barra. Landfall was 15 miles north of here. All restaurants are down. Banana plantations flattened for 30 miles. We had no electricity (no A/C overnight) for three days. Exciting stuff. But we’re OK.”

Art, Margate, Florida

Older couples who aren’t married can still have wonderful lives together. Art is a good example. He wrote:

“I am in a relationship, but am still single at the same time. I have done lots of Internet dating since my wife passed eight years ago, and when I see people struggling with the single world, I like to help where I can.

“I met Joanie, my lady friend, on POF (Plenty of Fish) two and a half years ago, and we have dated exclusively since. We are going on our sixth cruise in two weeks, and have plans to visit Las Vegas in December. We both wear rings with the Infinity sign on them as a symbol of our commitment to each other.

“We are active together on weekends, and we each have busy separate lives during the week. Joanie belongs to several groups with women, and I volunteer with a Hospice organization three to four days a week. We belong to the same gym, and try to work out together several times a week.

“During these eight years, I have dated 35 to 40 women, mostly meet and greet dates, but 12 to 15 for a longer time. One of the women I dated a long time was another of your Champs, a lovely woman who introduced me to your newsletter.”

George, and Mareah, San Francisco

Another couple who has dated for a long time but who are not married, are George and Mareah. George sent a response to last week’s newsletter:

In reference to Becky's lament about the cost of the "Little Blue Pill" at $44.00 per pill - there is a much less expensive approach to solving the problem and is equally effective for men and women. Admittedly, it doesn't work at the same velocity as Viagra, requiring a regiment that demands faithful scheduling over a period of time (just like accupuncture works, but it's not a quickie either, helps me, and I'm 75.

“Dr. Louis J. Ignarro was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that Nitiric Oxide (NO), a signaling molecule produced organically, is a vasodilator and helps control blood flow to every part of the body. The first practical application of Dr. Ignarro's research led to the development of Viagra.

 “Dr Ignarro authored the book "NO More Heart Disease...a proven program for boosting production of the body's own wonder drug." ISBN 0-312-33581-4 St. Martin's Press - it's available through Amazon Books at a very reasonable cost.

“The therapy defined in his book is equally effective and beneficial for both men and women. However, it does take time to repair the ravages of time and requires faithfully following the regimen in his book. The supplements he names can be purchased over-the-counter at any local health-food/vitamin store or via the internet. It took time, but it works for me and I'm 75 years.

Gina, Long Beach, California

“One City, One Backpack, 5 days”

We read about Champ Gina recently. She’s the 50 year-old who is traveling on her own. She’s been to New York City and Vancouver, B.C. This week, she reports from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

“Creating romance while traveling alone! I am sitting at a bistro table for two, sipping a chocolate martini in a lovely restaurant/bar. I will have dinner and I asked to be seated close to the Karaoke Stage. First day of another episode of One City, One Backpack 5 days! I chose a Historic Town and Hotel. Cheyenne Wyoming.”

And then Gina added later, “I just found out about this town (Buford, Wyoming) this week from a guy in a bar in Wyoming. I thought he was making this up. He said I just have to go there and fill up at the gas station and get a cup of coffee! So what better place to see on a solo journey than a town with a population of one?! I went in to the little store and saw a guy sitting behind the counter. I said "Are you the one?" He smiled and said "Yes ma'am !" Now before you get too excited...the original "one" sold the place to a guy in Vietnam. This guy is running the business and he let me know he has a wife.

Odds and Ends
-      My partner Greta loves movies. Me less so. But last Saturday, we went to “Bridge of Spies,” a Steven Spielberg movie starring Tom Hanks. One word: Incredible.  Possible Oscars for Hanks and Spielberg.
-      Champ Carolyn Cornelius emailed me that she was having trouble ordering my first book, “Middle Aged and Dating Again,” from a website. I told her if she ordered it directly from me instead, I would autograph it for her, and ship it via priority mail so she would have it within 3 days.
-   And I said I would charge her $10 for the book. She ordered it through my Pay Pal account. Carolyn is a great Champ so I included my second book, “Finding Love after 50. How to Begin. Where to Go. What to Do,” also autographed, as a bonus. She was pretty excited about that, which she posted on Facebook.
-      I will make a similar offer to all Champs. If anyone would like autographed copies of two of my dating books, I will autograph them and ship them via priority mail for a total of $12.00. If you are interested, email me and we will work out the details. I will be out of town from November 3 -6, so keep that in mind. To view my 3 dating books, visit the Finding Love After bookstore page. This is the link: and click on the bookstore tab at the top of the page.
-      Email me at

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